Lot N. 135   

Alfred Partikel
(1888 - 1945)

Winter landscape with skier near Ahrenshoop

Germany, 1925
Technique: oil painting on wood
Dimensions: 32 x 43.5 cm

The delightful panel by Alfred Partikel dates back to the best years of the production of the well-known German painter, unfortunately understimated in Italy, ie the period in which he moved to the so-called Artists' Colony of Ahrenshoop on the Baltic Sea. Partikel attended the Weimar School of Art in the '10s, that is, before it officially became the Bauhaus, but in the following decade he maintained close relationships with some of his first protagonists, including Gerhard Marcks, whose four-handed work "Small Altar " from 1920, was recently exhibited at the New York MoMA , as part of the" Bauhaus 1919-1923 - Workshop of Modernity "exhibition. In 1937 he was included among the artists of the Entartete Kunst (Degenerate Art), after becoming a member of the Artists' Colony founded by Max Pechstein in Nida, Lithuania. Both the market and the critics have been rediscovering it in recent years.

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