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Lot N. 32   

Pierre Reymond
(1513 - 1584)

Pair of hexagonal salt cellars

Limoges, mid-16th century
Technique: Enamel on copper
Dimensions: 9 x 9.7cm

Formerly present at Christie's, Auction 1957, lot 73. Attributed to Pierre Raymond (1513 - 1584). Dating and attribution as per the original catalog attached to the bottom of one of the two salt cellars.
Rare pair of hexagonal salt shakers with upper salt container. Polychrome enamel on a black background, each side bears an episode from "The 12 labors of Hercules", accompanied by the following inscriptions:
Salt cellar A: "Ercvles prin dianira du senctavre", "Ercvles vincit Antée", "La fin de Ercvles ", "Ercvles fut astrologe", "Ercvles tva Cerbere ovane", "Ercvles ocit le senctavre".
Salt cellar B: "Ercvles aive le lyons pars", "Vive Ercvles le verivievl", "Ercvles tva l'hydran" , "Ercvles le pvissan". The missing writings of the salt shaker B are worn and, consequently, illegible. The upper sides are decorated with the profiles of Hercules and Dejanira. Small defects and shortcomings.

From the Renato Quattroccolo collection - Rome.

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