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Holy Conversation: Madonna and Child with Saints Catherine of Alexandria and John the Baptist, by Giorgione

painter of the late eighteenth century
Technique: oil on paper applied on canvas
Dimensions: 55 x 78 cm

The painting is taken from the well-known canvas made by Zorzi da Castelfranco, called Giorgione (1476/8 ca. 1510), now kept in the collections of the Venetian Academy Galleries.
The painting, depicting the Madonna while admiring the little son in the presence of saints Catherine of Alexandria and John the Baptist already an adult, was made by the artist around 1505-1510.

The commonality of cultural intent with the Venetian and Giorgione area is evident, despite the fact that our painter belongs to a subsequent historical period and the resumption of stylistic elements does not succeed in completely emancipating himself from the academic exercise of style. Framed.

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